Workshops & Events

Much of the success of the design, build and love that I have for my tiny house is due in part to the time I invested in research. Before even beginning my design phase I spent a year and a half, almost two years, researching all there was to know about tiny houses and that effort paid off exponentially in the quality of my build and in ensuring my tiny home works for and meets all my needs.

Join us in one of our online workshops where we share our experience and expertise as we cover tiny houses from A to Z; researching, planning, the lifestyle, deciding on your design, the build process and systems and even placement of tiny houses. There’s a whole lot of information out there, we’ll share our unique personal perspectives and help you navigate to successfully achieve your goals and dreams.

We very much look forward to the time when we can again gather in person and once again share space, however until such time- virtual space sharing it is!

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Art, Culture, Creativity & Tiny Houses

Created by Jewel Pearson and Dominique Moody, of Tiny House Trailblazers, along with DC tiny house advocate Lee Pera, “Art, Culture, Creativity and Tiny Houses” is a series of talks created to help bring diverse voices, diversity awareness and representation to the larger community. Past events have been held in Washington, DC and New Orleans, LA with local area artists joining the event and discussion to share their experiences and art as they discuss how they have incorporated tiny houses into their lives and explore issues around housing, gentrification, migration, culture and art.

For more information or to bring the event to your area check out our campaign, “Elevating Diverse Voices in the Tiny House Movement” and help us build a more inclusive and representative movement and bring diverse voices and diversity awareness to the larger community.

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