Woman Downsizes into Amazing Tiny Home on Wheels

This is the story of how one woman gradually downsized from a four bedroom house, to a one bedroom apartment, and finally to her very own custom designed and built tiny home on wheels that you see here…

Artistic, Creative, Inspired – Ms. Gypsy Soul’s Tiny House Is Just Downright Gorgeous

Every day it seems we come across a new tiny house that just takes our breath away, and this fine example by “Ms. Gypsy Soul” certainly falls into the “wow” category…

One Tiny House Enthusiast Creates Her Own Petite Palace

Typically, when we think of a “home,” we think of a standard-sized house that sits stationary on a piece of property that is big enough to hold all our personal possessions…

Ms. Gypsy Soul Provides Freedom and Lightness In A Tiny Home

In today’s day and age many people have the mindset that bigger is better or success is measured by the amount of things you have. One woman is challenging these standards to live the life she wants…

The Harriet Tubman of Tiny Houses Jewel Pearson

When Jewel Pearson designed her tiny house, she was committed to getting everything she wanted. The result is one of the most unique tiny houses you’re going to find. Not only does it have a walk-in closet, screened porch and Juliet Terrace, Jewel’s tiny house stands as a cultural icon of the movement. As one of the few African Americans living in a tiny house, Jewel continues her living her life on her terms, while doing what she can to give back to the community…

Jewel's Tiny Treasure on Wheels

Tiny Houses by definition, are 400 square feet or less. Ms Pearson leased some land and built her own customized mobile Tiny House, off the East Coast of North Carolina. This lovely abode has been featured in several media programs and publications around the world. In an exclusive interview with Homes Kenya magazine, Jewel shared her Tiny House journey…

She designed a life she loved... A Chat with Ms. Gypsy Soul

Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants”. I sat down with Jewel Pearson also known as Ms. Gypsy Soul who was featured on HGTV’s Tiny House Big Living…

Home & Decor: Tiny House, Eclectic Living

Jewel Pearson confirms that starting the construction on her modish tiny home was simply amazing. “It’s been a lifelong dream,” said the 48-year- old. “Even while my daughter was growing up, I knew I wanted to have a mobile lifestyle at some point…

Big Dreams Small Space

WHAT STARTED OUT as an innocent agreement between a little girl and her mother became reality when Jewel Pearson decided she wanted to follow her dream of living a simpler life.

In 1992 Jewel was raising a kindergartner who promised to buy her mom an RV so that she could follow her when she made it big one day. Jewel’s daughter has since graduated from law school and in a ten year process, Jewel has downsized from a four bedroom house, to a one bedroom apartment and now to a 360 square foot tiny home.

After getting laid off, Jewel finally took the leap of faith. She says, “I wanted to use that down time to focus on building my tiny house, as well as build the tiny house to change my lifestyle so as to not have to worry about being laid off again.” The ability to still thrive even when faced with unemployment is a comfort that many tiny home owners share…

Tiny House, Big Dreams

Jewel Pearson, 48, always dreamed of one day living in a recreational vehicle, having the freedom to move and travel without the hassle of constantly packing.

But her dream RV would have cost her nearly $300,000, so instead she joined the “tiny house” movement and is now the proud owner of a 360 sq. ft. “tiny house,” built on a 28 foot trailer, currently situated on the banks of Lake Wylie. “I absolutely adore my house.” Pearson said.

The beauty of a “tiny house” is that there’s no rent or mortgage and depending on the materials, the cost to build can run anywhere from nothing to six figures. A “tiny house” is built on a trailer and is mobile. But for right now, for Pearson, that’s limited to RV parks, or friends with extra land. A city girl at heart, though, she’s working with the City of Charlotte to figure out zoning and other rules so she can live closer to the city she loves…

Tiny House Living: These Small Homes Have Big Appeal

This tiny house lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is packed with style and elegance…

Fall in love with Jewel's beautiful mobile tiny home

Jewel, also known as Ms. Gypsy Soul, began downsizing to create “a lifestyle that would allow me to travel and enjoy life more, to be free(er) and less obligated…

12 Tiny Homes That Prove Small Spaces Are More Glam Than Ever

Global-Inspired Tiny Home: An eclectic mix of decor creates a unique look in this petite house on wheels in Charlotte, North Carolina…

This house is a little palace, even if it seems tiny from the outside...

This small house on 4 wheels looks tiny, but when you look a little more closely, it’s a small palace that’s a great place to live! It belongs to Jewel Pearson, a lady who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She wanted anything but a traditional house, and she thought of everything with great creativity!

Diversity in the Tiny House Movement - Jamboree Special Edition

The Tiny House Trailblazers sat down with The Tiny House Podcast Crew to discuss all things diversity in the Tiny House Community.

Tiny & The Black Traveler

The dream of lighter living and career freedom started for Jewel Pearson when her daughter was in kindergarten. They made a pact that once she was living her successful adult life, Jewel’s daughter would buy her mother a RV. Jewel’s dream of downsized living did not change and turned into a reality after reading an article about tiny house living. She was inspired to forgo the more expensive RV in exchange for a tiny home.

Tiny House Magazine

Tiny House Magazine Issue 46 is a celebration of diversity! I’m very pleased to have been a guest editor and contributing author along with my partners in Tiny House TrailblazersDominique Moody and Bonnielee Cuevas. With over 90 pages of content, it also features my exclusive build partner, Perch & Nest-A Tiny & Cottage Home Company as Builders of the Month!

Get your copy today!

Happy tiny homeowner reveals the 'key to being successful in tiny living'

Jewel Pearson, AKA Ms. Gypsy Soul, is the happy homeowner of one of the funkiest and coolest tiny houses in town. Her 360-square-foot abode has received many praises all over the tiny living world thanks to its stylish and clever layout and design – and for being one of the very, very, very few tiny homes with a walk-in closet!

Tiny Houses Are Big: Meet the People Who Traded Square Footage for a Simpler Way of Life

She may live in a house with just 360 square feet, but Jewel D. Pearson, 49, has a walk-in closet, a bathroom that’s “like a spa,” a Juliet balcony off her bedroom and a fold-up screened-in porch.

“You don’t have to give up luxuries to live in a tiny house,” she says.

Tiny Home Living w/ Jewel Pearson & Why You Don’t Have To Give Up Luxury To Go Tiny

Simplicity and the concept of ‘less is more’ can be beneficial in much more than finance. The tiny home movement has proved to be a great new option for a lot of people looking to live a simpler, more abundant life. This week’s guest on Journey to Launch, Jewel Pearson, is not only a tiny homeowner but she is also an advocate and community leader that shares her tiny living experiences and assists others in achieving their tiny living dreams.

How Tiny Home Builder Jewel Pearson Is Changing The Tiny House Community

Jewel Pearson has been called the “Harriet Tubman of tiny houses and while she laughingly shrugs off the title, I think you’ll see why she was assigned that label.

On this episode of How Humans Change, we discuss racism, home sizes, sub-cultures, and how changing affects those around us.

Talking The Tiny House Evolution with Jewel Pearson

Our third time having Jewel on the show, we talk about where diversity plays in the tiny house movement, the fracturing of the movement and whether any progress has happened regarding representation. But really, what we’re talking about is how perfectly the Tiny House “Community” mirrors the everyday human one. So should we really have been surprised that dominant culture folks (even apparently “woke” ones) would still react from their fragility? Jewel says of course not. But we could have hoped. Which is what she (and others) did. Sadly, their hopes were dashed.

What will come of the community now? Who knows? But the question makes for a great show!

One of the Most Personal, Custom (and Stylish) Tiny Houses Ever

Jewel Pearson—the self-proclaimed Ms. Gypsy Soul—has built one of the most personal, custom tiny houses we’ve ever seen. Jewel’s considered an expert in the world of tiny homes; in fact, she generously shares her knowledge of the process through tours, house plans, consultations, advice, and more, with anyone who is interested in learning about the tiny house movement.

Her story is one of determination, doing things yourself when you have to, asking for help when you need it, and not being afraid to take a chance on something (even when some friends call you crazy). And we’re proud to announce she’s the first in an original 6-part series called “The New Homesmiths,” where we meet people looking for change—and see how they found it at home, redefining what it all means in the process.

She designed a life she loved...