i’ve been missing from my blog, but i’ve got a fabulous TH! ~my completed TH build & HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living feature synopsis…

while having my build filmed certainly added a level of timeline stress (and in turn a financial stress to meet that timeline) to my build process, i’m certainly thankful for such a wonderful opportunity and the great connections & new friends made during the process! i think the episode turned out fabulously! as Brandon, one of the producers said, he & the Orion team “televisioned the ‘ish”! out of my episode. 🙂

i believe the key to being able to happily go tiny (& hopefully stay tiny) is figuring out how you use your space & knowing your “must haves” for happiness. it was so important to me to have a functional & beautiful space inside and out and obviously that’s very difficult w/limited space. i put in a lot of time researching my trailer, various rules & regulations, best practices and other TH builds, researching & sourcing my build materials and researching stuff like compost toilets, appliances, electrical systems, plumbing and gray-water systems. this whole TH thing and build process basically became a full time, all life consuming job…

with ruler in hand i drafted out my layout on graph paper and my sister, Dawn then translated that layout to actual build plans; working in the windows and details so that it worked and made sense. Jamie then brought those plans to visual life in Sketch-up so we could “see” the concept. A lot of time was spent in this first phase tweaking the design, which is so much more difficult when dealing with inches, to make sure my TH would be both functional and a beauty! Robert, who is an architect, then ensured my plans were structurally sound and also consulted onsite for the same during the build.

Derik and his construction team (Dwight, Greg & Shawn) then executed the build from those plans, bringing the TH to physical life (minus the porch & balcony). i lived & breathed my plans to the nth degree & my TH build so i was onsite almost daily making sure all was well with the build and working with my other vendors & contractors on selecting my windows and doors, deciding the stair design & install, working with Freddie as he executed the electrical & lighting plan and ensured it was on point and tirelessly answered my millions of questions, managing the plumbing install and working with Michael as we planned the porch and balcony design and install.

i was also focused on the interior with Jamie. Paint & stain selections and late night painting & staining… The interior closet design was her baby, as well as the selection/install of the kitchen & bath counters, fixtures & cabinetry. (shoutout to Chip Harris who put them together for me! 🙂 most of my interior finishings are pieces and favorites i already owned that i had incorporated in the TH in my mind and knew they would make my TH “home”; sans the lovely & comfortable couch, funky mural for my closet door and the beautiful kitchen & bathroom “tile” which were truly some of my late night internet sleuthing wins!

if i had to summarize my whole build process/experience i’d say getting to finished house was so very stressful & tough… some of it build specific/standard and expected stress (timeline/finances) and some/a lot of it unnecessary and not so much… was my house worth it? probably not and I absolutely adore my house… would i encourage someone else to follow their dream to build a TH? absolutely yes! would i personally do it again, absolutely yes and i plan to!  -i’ve now got the benefit of both foresight & hindsight… 😉