So many people want to define what tiny living means, generally those are the same people that require definitions for everything and live inside the box. Though the “typical” tiny house is somewhere around 100-400 square feet, there really is no set definition. Tiny living is wide open for personal interpretation.

Maybe your dream for living tiny looks like downsizing from 1500 square feet to 750 square feet or maybe it’s living out of a backpack on a cross country tour. Whatever your dream may be, just know that tiny living is less about meeting a proposed standard and more about intentional living and personal happiness.

If you’d like to visit my tiny house, need help achieving your tiny living dream or are interested in building your own Ms.Bohemian Soul Tiny House – you’re in the right place! Simply select one of the links above for details on tours, consultations or to purchase my plans.

This is the realization of my tiny living dream, thanks for visiting the website to share in my story…

~Follow your dreams and design a life you love!

She designed a life she loved...