by now i think you’ve seen pics of my wonderful and so very comfortable sactional from lovesac! (if not there’s a great one accompanying this blog!) when i was planning my tiny house having a comfortable seating area was high on my list of must haves. i was even willing to forgo the storage underneath that is usually the bonus from most built in couches. another must have was that my couch had to be not only be comfortable, but also durable since it would be in the area most frequented by people visiting and would get a lot of use. i wanted something that could take a beating and not look like it and would also be easy to keep clean. it needed to be livable, made for everyday use – but oh so fabulous!

well, i accomplished all of my must haves with my lovesac sactional and then some! before i even start talking about the sactional, i have to say that customer service at my local store is excellent! portia jones and her team at the southpark store in charlotte were great to work with, they were patient (i ask a lot of questions 🙂 and knowledgeable throughout the process and just really great to work with even coming through in a crunch during filming – they definitely embody the lovesac spirit for sure! when shopping i considered their small chase and medium chase lounge and ended up going with the medium chaise lounge which worked perfectly for the space i had allocated for the couch. i even had a couple of inches to spare – and because we’re dealing in inches in a tiny house that’s a real big deal!

the chaise is totally adjustable and configurable within the space! should i ever want to change the side of the lounger, i can very easily. but i think the biggest and most unexpected bonus with my sactional is that their unique footing system totally allows me to work around the wheel well of the trailer. i’m able to`extend over the wheel well, yet still have the sactional flush to the wall! another unexpected bonus is that there actually is storage underneath the pieces – winning! underneath the pieces is the area where the sactional pillows are stored during shipment and i plan to use the space to store larger things like a blanket or two and linens there. i really don’t want to keep harping on how comfortable it is…. but, it is so very comfortable! the covers are machine washable and easily replaceable should i want to change up the decor down the road and they offer some beautiful fabric and options for the covers!

i’m happy that i stumbled onto the lovesac store, so far i love my sactional and am certain that i’ll be enjoying it for a long time to come. it really is love in furniture form! 🙂 check out lovesac online @, you’ll definitely be pleased!