if you’re interested in building a TH, if you’re anything like me, as you do your research you start to become overwhelmed at the amount of information out there…

there were two books that i purchased initially that i felt were very helpful; the first being dan louche’s tiny house design and construction guide and the second was macy miller’s minimotives: a tiny house story. if you’re going to build you need to understand terms like racking and things like hurricane straps… i didn’t prior to buying dan’s book & he explains the build process from start (the trailer) to finish – which is helpful, even if your planned design is different from the style featured in his book. it will become somewhat of a reference book. macy’s book is also based from start to finish, but it shares more of a personal build experience -which i loved hearing from a woman. and i must say i thought a woman building her own house was badazz & i respect badazz. 🙂 and… her house was my inspiration for my first love of everything tiny!

both dan & macy are stand up kind of people too… i’ve emailed them both in my initial search start with questions and they both responded personally… not everyone does that, in fact not everyone will even bother to respond.

of course i’m always wishing everyone well in their TH journey!

Tiny Home Builders Macy