this week’s focus in my tiny house journey, in addition to finalizing the interior plan of the TH, is that of acquiring sponsors. not necessarily the sugar daddy type sponsors but hey, if you know a wealthy & giving one send him my way. 🙂

really my search is focused on companies large and small that might be interested in donating funds, materials and things of that nature that will be of assistance in my build. i’ll be targeting lowes and home depot and also local lumber companies, roofing companies, companies that sell windows, doors and floors, appliances and the like.

for 30 plus years i’ve sought sponsors for various events that i’ve managed, but this time it’s personal and i’ll be honest that it’s not the most comfortable effort… however, i know there are sponsors willing to be part of something like this and i want to find them. i think i offer them the opportunity to be involved in something that doesn’t currently have a lot of exposure here locally in charlotte, as well as access to an audience of african americans who aren’t as involved currently in this tiny house movement. as i’m researching information and looking at people who are leading and involved in this movement, i don’t see a lot of people who look like me. personally, i know it usually piques my interest in something more when i see others that i can more closely relate to doing whatever it is and i want to lead that charge in the TH community for others who can more closely relate to me. and for people who really know me, they already know i have a high set of standards and i’m not going to be involved in doing something half cocked. yes, i’ve been call bourgie and i’m generally not offended. 🙂

so wish me luck… and share my blog and facebook page to help me build my audience! plus, if you know of a sponsor that might be interested send them my way or if you have an idea of a sponsor(s) i should approach or an avenue i should pursue let me know. thanks in advance and i’ll keep you posted…