sometimes it’s tough being me, cue kermit singing it’s not easy being green, lol! organization and project management are at the core of everything that i am. i’m methodical, very detail oriented and i have the ability to (over) analyze something to its slow death (both a good & bad thing) :-). as if that isn’t enough, somewhere mixed in all of that is an over-arching desire to achieve perfection in everything i do…  needless to say my decision to build a tiny house is challenging all that i am.

the “tiny house movement” is fairly new and there’s not necessarily one go-to-source to get all the information needed for a build. yes, there are the established tiny home builders, but their style of homes don’t fit my personal style and their build cost would more than double what should be my DIY cost. yes, there are quite a few people who have done it the DIY way, but what i’ve also found is that most of them were figuring it along the way. then i’ve found that the methods and opinions of some of the DIYs is sometimes in direct contradiction of other DIYs. so combing through information can become very overwhelming and none of that bodes very well for me; the perfectionist, who likes very exact, correct and detail oriented information and instructions. needless to say, i’ve had to take a step back quite a few times to remind myself to trust the process… sure there will be lessons learned and opportunities for improvement, but in the end i know it’s going to be just as it should be and quite fabulous!

understanding the requirements for the trailer needed for the build was one such point that caused me a lot of concern. as the foundation of my build getting it right is critical and as with everything i’ve found so far opinions vary on the requirements. a number of TH builders suggesting buying a used trailer and rehabing it to save money, for me that was a big NOT! but at the same time i didn’t want to spend a huge chunk of my budget to go with the “brand name” TH builder just to feel secure.

through some long nights of researching i was able to put together what i believe to be some solid requirements and then decided to try sourcing my trailer directly with some of the manufacturers for a custom build. a number of manufacturers never responded, i guess they don’t need additional business – fortunately one very knowledgeable person did. Roger from AMP Trailers in Deland, FL not only emailed me back promptly, but he also provided pictures of some of his previous trailer builds that he thought would work for me. great move for the visual learner that i am! needless to say he & i have spent a great deal of time on the phone and emailing back and forth to nail down the specifics. my 28ft custom built trailer will be built to most of the same specs as the brand name TH builder’s trailers, with just a couple of modifications such as adding a third axle for weight, and costs $900 less than their 24ft trailer with two axles. plus my ETA for completion was 3 weeks vs their standard 6 weeks – i consider that a win!

i expect this process to continue to challenge my desire for perfection, but i’ll try to keep reminding myself to trust the process… i must say though, i’m happy to be able to check one big decision off the “to do” list – the trailer purchase! if you’re looking for a trailer i highly recommend working with Roger @ AMP Trailers -make sure you tell him i sent you. 🙂