do what works for you… ~everything ain’t for everybody~

you’ll begin to notice that my posts and blogs will often include a reference to music or a song, music just makes me happy and makes my life! so, in one of jill scott’s songs she talks about trying to have a new boyfriend wear the same cologne as an old boyfriend that still crossed her mind (i imagine that he was something like some chocolate sunshine, but that’s for a different subject blog & i digress) 🙂 from that “experiment” she discovers, as she puts it, that “everything ain’t for everybody” and it ain’t…

not everyone will understand my tiny house journey, i don’t expect them to and the reality is that i really don’t care if they don’t (special thanks & shout-out to the pulmonary embolism experience in 2007) :). thankfully the loves in my life understand i’m just a tad bit different, i often do things just a tad bit differently and they still love me and support my dreams. no, i’m not experiencing hard times financially and i’m not having a mid-life crisis – tiny house living just feels like a move toward freedom for me and i’m all about living, loving and feeling free. living in a RV has been a discussion i’ve had with my best kid since she was in kindergarten… my TH will be a less expensive, more sustainable version of that RV life dream.

while my journey is certainly about being more with less, i don’t intend to reduce my lifestyle to something like having two pairs of jeans, one pair of shoes and four shirts… minimalist living at that level ain’t for me, everything ain’t for everybody and i’m not about that life. 🙂 yes, i am paring down my wardrobe and things i don’t use and/or wear, however i love my clothes and shoes and purses and perfume… and am incorporating closet space as a key element in my TH design. my overall TH space will be 8’6″ x 28′ ft, so logically the closet space has to be reasonable to allow for my other favorite must haves. yes, i will likely have a storage unit somewhere, as i don’t intend to part with everything, but TH living will afford me the opportunity to eliminate the need for a mortgage, rent and high living expenses and therein lies the draw for me and will ultimately allow me to be more with less.

my dream looks like me having my favorite things that make me happy in my favorite TH that makes me happy with the ability to relocate to places new and old that make me happy (insert the sound of tires skidding and cue ~living my life like it’s golden~ hang on, that may be another jill scott song for another blog.) 😀

the added bonus is that i also reserve the right to change my dream along the way… do what works for you,  ~everything ain’t for everybody~